By the end of the day Saturday, August 25, 2007, the http://putitontheballot.com volunteer canvassers had not reached our goal to obtain over 45,000 Cuyahoga County registered voters signatures – and we knew we needed at least 25% more than 45000 (many signatures in petition drives are found to be no good because, for example, the signers had moved and the address on the petition was different than the address where the voter was shown registered on the Board of Elections database).

This meant we had the tough call of deciding whether or not to turn in the signatures which we did have to Frank Russo the Cuyahoga County Auditor. Pursuant to the state statute governing referendums, the signature drive was limited to 30 days from the day the original sales and use tax resolutions where recorded by the Auditor. Since the 30 day fell on Saturday Mr. Russo had decided to open the County Auditor’s office on Saturday solely to allow the putitontheballot.com drive access to the office to turn in the signatures which were collected.

Just after 4:00 pm on Saturday, two of the representatives on the putitontheballot.com political action committee, Zack Reed and Ryan Demro, met with Mr. Russo at the County Auditors office on Lakeside in Cleveland and told Mr. Russo that the effort to collect enough signatures had failed.

It was the opinion of a majority of those volunteers involved in the petition drive that turning in the thousands of signatures which we did have would be counterproductive – costing the taxpayers more money for those signatures to be counted and vetted, and stringing out the announcement of the failure of the signature drive.

The TV and paper media reporters then held a conference on the front steps of the Auditor’s office.

The Putitontheballot.com web site has since its creation about a month ago attempted to take an a-political view on the tax – focusing on the right of the electorate to conduct a referendum on the sales tax increase.

Put it on the Ballot will continue to post news about the sales tax issue here on this web site and any further efforts of the citizens of Cuyahoga County with regard to the tax.

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