Canvassers Rate Lakewood Arts Festival A Success


The weather was beautiful, the people were cordial, and people walked up to us asking to sign the petitions.  No explanation necessary.  Signers were from all areas of the county, Westlake, Maple Heights, Cleveland, Mayfield.  You name the area and  we have a signature from there.  The red T-shirts were a smash.  Everybody loved them.  We obtained over 1500 signatures on a lovely summer afternoon. 

Ryan Demro, Lakewood Councilman and Candidate for Mayor and his crew are doing a wonderful job.  Thanks to all of them for their efforts.  Keep up the good work.

We need more  canvassers  to  get signatures at these  events.  Look at the upcoming events on the right sidebar and see if you can help us by being at a location for a few hours to gather signatures.  Use the "contact" function to let us know when you are available and where you will be.


Gloria Ferris