Games are very good venues to efficiently obtain voter's signatures -- Circulate petitions at Indians Games

NOTE: This is a very good venue to get voter signatures. Working with Zack Reed, I obtained over 200 voter signatures in two hours before the Friday 8/10 Indians/Yankees game. Zack obtained many signatures also. We stood opposite one another on either sides of the wide public sidewalk just north of the stadium overlooking the flats right next to the Q Arena. Get in position at least an hour and a half before the game and stay a half hour after the game has started. Please be sure they are registered in Cuyahoga County before they sign - people come from many places outside the county to attend the games. - jeff buster

Where can I find people to sign the petitions? We recommend a place where you can catch people as they slow toward an entrance gate or gather in a public setting -- uh, Indians games are great spots!

Here's the calendar for the home games. Find a friend/partner and let us know if you need petitions to circulate. We will need multiple pairs of petitioners to deal with the crowds at the entrances.

Of course, you'll have to battle the banner flying overhead and the leaflet campaign being run by the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Why our sidewalks are not our public property is beyond me but check out Gloria's tale of petitioning at Jacob's Field here.