Tim Hagan and Jimmy Dimora have raised our sales tax by another ¼% without asking us first. That's about one million dollars per week collected for twenty years. The tax collected is not earmarked in the Resolultions (readable elsewhere on this web site) for anything specific - the money goes into the county's "general fund".  We want to make that decision for ourselves.


PUT IT ON THE BALLOT ● for or against the tax is not the issue

We believe that being for or against the tax is not the issue. This issue is not about supporting or not supporting the tax or about the convention center and medical mart – it's about our choice whether to raise our sales tax or not.


PUT IT ON THE BALLOT ● democratic principles

We believe in democratic principles. We want to make the decision of whether or not to raise our taxes based on careful consideration and not have this public policy dictated to us using propaganda, fear, and false urgency to compel support.

We trust the democratic process and the voters/taxpayers of Cuyahoga County to consider carefully and vote their consciences. It is our right as citizens, voters and taxpayers. The tax should be our decision.


PUT IT ON THE BALLOT ● nonpartisan issue

We believe that this is a nonpartisan issue. Democrats, Republicans, Greens and Libertarians all agree that ALL CITIZENS should have a chance to consider the issue and vote on it.


Please help us to PUT IT ON THE BALLOT

Ohio law gives citizens the right of Referendum on any law passed by our elected officials. The Referendum process requires citizens to submit a petition within 30 days of the adoption of the law. In this case, we need the signatures of over 45,000 people who are registered to vote in Cuyahoga County by 12 noon on Friday, August 24, 2007.

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To contribute to this effort you may use the PayPal link to the left or send checks made payable to:

Put It on the Ballot.com
Paul Conroy, Treasurer
4766 Broadview Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Contributions to Put It on the Ballot.com are not tax deductible. Federal Law requires us to ask for your occupation or employer when donating. Please include this information.

Thank You!

Members of the Committee:

Paul Conroy, Chairperson, Cuyahoga County Libertarian Party

Brian Cummins, City of Cleveland, Ward 15 Councilman

Daryl Davis, Coordinating Committee Member, Green Party of
Cuyahoga County

Ryan Demro, City of Lakewood, Ward 2 Councilman

Zach Reed, City of Cleveland, Ward 3 Councilman